Secured Content Licensing with Blockchain-Powered Marketplace Sanjh


While planning to launch a streaming platform, the foremost necessity becomes to own contents. And to legally stream them on your channel, you need to have their streaming rights. You all know what a lengthy process that is! Thus putting a rest to it, Sanjh is here to allow you to buy or sell digital content licenses smartly and safely.

Powered by blockchain technology, now hassle-free content licensing is a reality with Sanjh – a one of its kind digital content marketplace.

Content licensing – though this term is thought to have recently come into vogue, history says something else. The existence of licensing content dates back to the 19th Century. Surprised!! Then, permit me to take you to the year 1884 when Samuel Sidney McClure launched a startup named McClure Newspaper Syndicate. That was a time much similar to today’s digital uprise and continuous competition. Unregulated advertisers were turning newspapers into a more sensational commodity. And from such a tumultuous atmosphere, McClure became the one standing apart doing something revolutionary – Content Syndication, which is more or less similar to Content Licensing. He started buying copyrights from writers and sold them to different publishers.

And this has led us to give you a brief overview of what content licensing is. After going through the next part, you, yourself can decide if it is existing since the time of traditional media or not! Don’t forget to share your thoughts on that because, then, we can surely have an interesting discussion over this.

What is Content Licensing?

What is digital media content licensing

Content licensing is a legal agreement signed between the two parties, known as licensees and licensors. Licensor is the original content creator or the content rights holder and a licensee is the one purchasing rights of the contents to republish them. And this licensing method sheds light on the copyright protection for digital media, termed as Digital Rights Management (DRM).

How DRM works?

This technology aims to control the usage, modification, and distribution of copyrighted materials. Content creators encrypt media with the help of an application which is expected to be accessed by the ones having the decryption keys.

The Challenges –

Even though there has been a huge reliance on DRM to successfully protect contents from illegal usage, it has failed drastically because hackers have their own way to breach it. And the most relevant example for it is the bypass method for audio and video content which rips extracts from DRM protected files and prepares them as DRM-free files. Additionally, there are a bunch of unethical free applications as well which can remove the DRM codes and can make the content available on the internet.

Its high time that we put our thumbs down to the traditional DRM technology bringing something spick-and-span to make a firm stand, which can actually turn the so-called myth into reality and can ban the unlawful activities. And that’s where Blockchain becomes the most pragmatic choice.

So, here is the revolutionary solution to opt for, because the future is here… Keep commenting…

What is Blockchain?

To quote the authors of Blockchain Revolution, Don & Alex Tapscott, “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”

With the help of a peer-to-peer network, when all valuable information gets distributed amongst the participants involved in the transaction so that everybody can have a control to that data source – we call it the blockchain technology. Blockchain lets you be independent of any central authority or mediator to complete transactions, unlike the traditional DRM system.

And the reason behind considering Blockchain as the most potent solution for ensuring the security of DRM is that it will provide you with a decentralized digital marketplace which cannot be damaged as the data are encrypted.

Sanjh: Where Blockchain & Content Licensing meet.

Sanjh - Where Blockchain and Content Licensing meet

Let’s make the introduction to Sanjh very simple. You have definitely used e-commerce websites like Amazon, once or more. Also, you know how they work, right? So, just like Amazon is working as a platform where sellers are selling their products and buyers are purchasing them, Sanjh also serves as a platform through which content licenses are sold and bought.

What is Sanjh?

Being a content owner, you know how much hazardous the traditional content licensing process is. The prolonged process of documentation and content syndication often end up making your streaming channel suffer from procrastination. That is where Sanjh becomes the solution –

It is a decentralized content marketplace, both for video and audio, based on Blockchain technology. It brings all the content-persona, such as creators, owners, distributors, store owners, syndicators, together on a single platform. In a nutshell, Sanjh is a highly secure and interactive platform designed for an uninterrupted selling and buying of media content licenses. Starting from blockbuster hits to chartbuster ruling singles – you will get their licenses exclusively on Sanjh to stream them on your channel readily.

what is sanjh - Blockchain Powered Digitl Content Marketplace

How Blockchain and Sanjh are working together?

To tamper-proof the licensing information and the transaction details, Sanjh deploys blockchain technology by employing cryptography to the documents.

Take a look at how Sanjh and Blockchain are fighting the major problems related to the content industry through the most advanced technology:

  • The Strongest Answer against Piracy – Driven by distributed ledger, Sanjh allows its database to be shared and synchronized with every participant involved. There is no existence of a single controlling party. And as blockchain ensures to turn the licenses and all the other documents into an encrypted version known as ‘Smart Contract’, Sanjh triumphs over hackers outsmarting piracy.
  • No Third-Party means no Extra Cost – There are several payment gateways across the world having hidden processing fees to complete transactions; the reason behind is the presence of mediators. Powered by blockchain technology, Sanjh highly reduces the risk of any such additional or hidden payments.
  • Real-Time Actions – Being independent of any central administration or middleman, Sanjh works with smart contracts. It ensures automated transaction between buyer and seller leading to time-effective process. And an added benefit of implementing blockchain technology is that decentralization makes the communication and coordination between networks faster.
  • Cryptographic Presentation – The entire information and documents stored in Sanjh are presented cryptogra[hically by blockchain. This plays a big role in keeping the data damage-resistant and protecting the user-identity.
  • Building Trust with Transparency – Sanjh’s database is transparent with a multi-layered security level. Additionally, due to smart contracts, any kind of alteration in the available information is next to impossible. Thus it leads to a righteous and trustworthy relationship between content creators and aggregators resulting in a fair royalty payment.
  • Transparency brings Traceability – The blocks of information stored chronologically in a chain are decentralized and can be accessed by any of the participants involved in the process. Thus, powered by blockchain technology, Sanjh knocks out the chances of unlawful content distribution as every participant gets notified whenever any changes take place in the chain.

Now, you must be wondering how this process will work? How can you upload or buy the content from Sanjh!! Well, it’s simple, easy, and fast as well. Take a look at how the steps work:

Content Licensing in Sanjh

The flow of selling or buying contents moves as follows:

  • The first step goes for the seller. The interested person will register himself on the Sanjh account.
  • After registration, he/she can upload the content in a simple click for the prospective viewers.
  • After that, when the content will come to your (the buyer/the streaming channel owner) sight if you feel that one to be worthy of acquiring a place in your channel, you will contact the seller.
  • That step will lead Sanjh to create a blockchain-powered smart contract saving all the details in a cryptographic manner.
  • The amount for the content would be settled in a distributed ledger beforehand. Thus the payment will be released in real-time.
  • After the successful transaction of the license, the entire data related to it gets recorded, again in a cryptographic hash, on Sanjh.
  • This data is decentralized which can be tracked by all the participants reducing the risk of data-tampering.

Sanjh is created with the sole attempt of vanquishing the illegal moves in the content industry making content licensing available to all, and smoothening the entire process with the highest level of security by means of the blockchain technology.